My love,

I know there’s a part of you longing for something deeper.


something sacred, instinctive, holy, pleasurable, alchemical, alive.

That deeper thing?

It lives in your voice.

And now, more than ever: 
your deep down, most authentic and fully expressed voice is exactly what the world needs.

If you're ready to be fully supported in liberating your deepest power,

I am here to help.

A Voice Doula is someone who supports, encourages, and holds sacred space for another during the deeply personal, deeply transformational journey of birthing of their unique voice.


As your Voice Doula I hold safe, sacred space for:

embodied creative flow

expressing grief and rage

clearing shame

trauma healing

deepened ancestral connection through song

These are my commitments to you:

I am your champion and hold the brightest vision of you

I hold you accountable to your intentions

I hold your hand as you approach your edges

I lovingly call bullshit if need be

Your name is (literally) on my altar

What you can expect:

sky-rocketed confidence

a greater sense of spaciousness, ease and joy in your voice and life

deepened & strengthened connection to your own inner wisdom

catered embodiment tools to keep your instrument (you) in top shape

….and a shit-ton of fun while doing it.

“Cultivating my singing voice has been a much deeper endeavor than fine-tuning vocal techniques. It has been the gentle calling forth of my soul - giving voice to what my truest self wants to share with the world. Kaitlin voice lessons have been life-changing. She’s able to “hear” me on all the levels that I’ve yearned to be heard for so long.”
— Morgan, NC
Kaitlin intuitively understands the deeper issues that can get in the way of expression and voice such as fear, shame, self-judgment, and old energetic patterns. She compassionately holds space for these and brings light to them so our voices can shine.
— MW, NC
Kaitlin is more than a vocal coach. She’s more than a singer. She helps me bring what was once hidden on the inside to shine with resonant power on the outside. With love, giddy excitement, deep presence and playfulness. She shows me that anything that I feel deeply can sound beautiful, too.
— Adrial, NC