What does YOUR activism sound like?

How can you bring your voice into shifting the world?

How can you step into the fullness of your divine purpose and be a vessel for change?

You know it’s in there.

This deep, resonant, authentic voice that is hungry for expression.

"How do I let this out? Is it safe? What will people think?"

*You know you have a unique gift to contribute to the world.

*You know your voice can be your most powerful tool for social change.

I know how to help.


A Voice Doula is someone who supports, encourages, and holds sacred space for another during the deeply personal, deeply transformational journey of birthing of their unique voice.

voice workshop 2.png

I hold years of training and international experience in:

Express Arts Therapy

 animistic ceremony and ritual

 sound healing

being a birth doula

trauma and PTSD support

NVC (non-violent communication)


As a voice doula I hold safe, sacred space for:

creative expression

grief and rage

clearing shame

trauma healing

ancestral connection

Through my work as a vocalist and a Voice Doula I have witnessed incredible transformation in myself and others time and time again. From a greater sense of spaciousness, ease, and joy that permeates all aspects of life to a deepened relationship with ones inner guidance and wisdom, the benefits of birthing and cultivating your Voice are endless.

I'm excited to begin this life-changing process with you.

I offer free consultations to empower you to start your journey

Kaitlin intuitively understands the deeper issues that can get in the way of expression and voice such as fear, shame, self-judgment, and old energetic patterns. She compassionately holds space for these and brings light to them so our voices can shine.
— MW, NC
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Hungry for more?

I was recently a guest on the Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast and talk alllll about this. Click the pic below to listen