For white folx stepping into racial justice work:

Songs to deepen your inner well of resilience and fortify your connection to Source. 

Burnout rates amongst activists are at an all-time high. The constant go-go-go in today’s political climate is taking its toll on the hearts and minds of those bravely taking a stand.

As the fight for justice continues to intensify and more people rise up, we need dependable inner resources and tools more than ever.

Deep connections with our own voices, rhythms and bodies are absolutely pivotal if we are to have staying power. But in the era of social media overload, so many of us have lost touch with the slower, deeper pulse of own song, our own relationship with Source and the Source within us. 

When this relationship is in danger, our movements are in danger. 

We lose our grounding, feel frustrated and sink into despair. 

When this relationship is healthy, our movements are healthy.

We feel resourced, centered and capable to ride the waves while trusting our inner wisdom.

It is therefore our responsibility to tend to this relationship for personal and collective well being.

I know no more effective way to do so than to sing

Song has always served as a unionizing, alchemizing component of our movements. It cuts through the noise and goes straight to the heart in ways words alone can not. When words fall short, music is there to strengthen our resolve and rally our hearts to keep going, even if that means rest for a while. 

It’s clear: Singing is a necessary component to our movements.

And not just at rallies and marches - in our own homes, in our own families, in our own practices.

These songs are offerings intended to provide an anchor and respite for anyone stepping up in the name of justice.