Combining Dance Theater and Community Organizing, BOOTSTRAPS catalyzes dialog about how we otherize our neighbors, how success is constructed, and the role white people can play in perpetuating and dismantling systems of oppression. The evening flows from performance into participatory workshop, as audience joins the cast and creative team in asking, “What do we do now?”

Dear Audiences:

If you are tired of the white walls in your heart keeping you separated from others, from your own humanity, from your own voice; if you are tired of the ways white supremacy has kept you separated from the Earth and Source, come join us in this theatrical exploration. We invite you to grieve with us, feel with us, heal with us and sing with us as we offer this performance in the name of UNmaking and REmaking an America we can all stand for.

After clawing their way to the top in pursuit of the "American Dream”, a white man and a white woman start to wonder whose backs they’re standing on. In tender silence, brutal slapstick and with soaring voices performers Kaitlin June and Raphael Sacks scour their own lived experiences to tell the story of white middle-class Americans building their lives while deconstructing their privilege. Directed by Shawn Shafner, BOOTSTRAPS was collaboratively created by the Art Monastery Project.

“Overall a provocative and engaging blend of humor, distilled physical storytelling and deep, painful questioning.”
— RS, MA
“White fragility is about blindness and refusing to release that comfort. This performance allows us to identify and recognize our complicity. Thank you- it’s time to call systemic racism OUT!”
— VT
Image from our NYC shows in January 2018

Image from our NYC shows in January 2018