Combining Dance Theater and Community Organizing, BOOTSTRAPS catalyzes dialog about how we otherize our neighbors, how success is constructed, and the role white people can play in perpetuating and dismantling systems of oppression. The evening flows from performance into participatory workshop, as audience joins the cast and creative team in asking, “What do we do now?”


August 24 @ The Flowjo, Carrboro

August 25 @ Living Arts Collective, Durham

August 26 @ Living Arts Collective, Durham

More info coming soon.

Watch the trailer:


“Overall a provocative and engaging blend of humor, distilled physical storytelling and deep, painful questioning.”
— RS, MA
“White fragility is about blindness and refusing to release that comfort. This performance allows us to identify and recognize our complicity. Thank you- it’s time to call systemic racism OUT!”
— VT
 Image from our NYC shows in January 2018

Image from our NYC shows in January 2018