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Request Letter by Ratasha Elise


Dear Future Supporters,

Each day we are hit with the latest news stories highlighting the crises in our social, political, economic, and environmental realities. In today’s society, we are all impacted, but we are impacted disproportionately. As these things continue to happen, there is a steady toll taken on communities of color who have already been ravaged by centuries of systemic injustice, and have not yet recovered. There is a dire need for more culturally specific Healing Justice spaces in communities of color, led by women of color, that are financially accessible to all, regardless to their income level or lack thereof.

I am a Black feminist, cisgendered-Woman, Artist, Activist, and Healing Justice Facilitator. I have heard the call from my communitie(s) and I am answering it. I’ve convened a cohort of Black women who identify variously as cis, queer, low-income, and disabled. We’re designing a Healing Justice process for people of African descent that will take the form of Community Circles, Workshops, Intensives, and Residential Retreats. We are committed to centering the experiences of those most marginalized amongst us; cis and trans women, LGBTQIA, economically disenfranchised, disabled, youth, and elders. The clear, full voices, and leadership of those who have been most historically suppressed and ignored are needed now more than ever. In addition to the work of healing and community building, one of the more concrete outcomes of this work is to support participants in clarifying and actualizing their most impactful role in the co-creation of more just, equitable, and sustainable ways of being on the planet. Our intention is to be holistic and all encompassing. The elements that we are studying and integrating into this work include:

1. The study of Black Psychology, Black History, Ancestral Spirituality—and reconnecting with African traditional knowledge as a means of healing;
2. The study of trans-generational trauma, and its effects on Black people today;
Healing bodywork—which acknowledges and treats the physicality of trauma, as our bodies hold trauma (and also liberation);
3. Healing music, dance, and art as tools of transformation;
4. Content that includes political education, racial equity, living systems theory, and natural ecology;
5. Careful consideration of and attention to intersectionality— how multiple identities contribute to larger-scale disenfranchisement.

We are doing the work of reclaiming our whole selves, our voices, our truth, our clarity, and our power from the bondage of oppression. This is foundational work that is meant to precede further work as organizers, artists, and creators of alternative, life-generating systems. This is the internal work that is often skipped over for lack of time, space, safety, and material resources.

Ways to Contribute

Monetary donations
○ Venmo: @Ratasha-Elise
○ Make one time donations via debit/credit card, bank draft, or paypal and/or set up recurring monthly donations:
○ Crowdfunding Campaign:
○ We have a fiscal sponsorship relationship with a 501(c)3 non-profit org. Contact us at if you’d like to make a larger tax-deductible donation or if you’d like to mail us a check.

● Fundraising Support
Revolutionary Healing Justice work at the intersection of personal, social, and political transformation, requires revolutionary funding models to ensure that it happens. We are looking for people in solidarity who are ready to leverage their power, privilege, and access to people with resources. We’d like to find folks who are willing to:
○ Advocate for us by sharing our crowdfunder/paypal/links via social media.
○ Advocate for us by sending an email to a list of their contacts requesting donations.
○ Convene a team of allies/accomplices who are willing to fundraise in White, POC, and multi-racial communities.
○ Recommend and/or forward this document to foundations and angel donors who might be excited to hear about this work! short version of our project proposal is attached to this letter.

● In-Kind Donations
○ Technology (web design and hosting, a laptop), transportation (a gently used vehicle, uber and lyft credits, airline miles), are all ways to offer direct support.
○ The team is having it’s first work intensive the week of March 18, 2018. Know of a location in North Carolina that would love to donate space to a small group
of Black women birthing Healing Justice for their community? Email us!

Youtube Video Appeal

Thank you for your support!

In Love, Truth, & Justice,

Ratasha Elise
Founding Facilitator
Chocolate Soul Revival

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