Piano Sound Healings

I loved my piano healing session with Kaitlin June! When we started, I was experiencing considerable emotional distress that manifested as stomach pain as well as persistent mental chatter.
As I lay under the piano listening to Kaitlin channel healing music, I felt my pain dissolve as waves of sweetness filled my body and spirit. A beautiful soft healing presence replaced my mental and physical contraction. What a gift!
— Lauren J., Chapel Hill NC

This form of sound healing is a unique opportunity to let the healing power of piano wash over you. 


Sessions are designed to:

*Clear energetic blocks

*Calm and relax the nervous system

*Bring you into vibrational alignment with your Higher Self

*Attune your energy body to love and abundance


Each session is totally catered to you and your experience.

After a brief opening meditation we will check in to see what you are walking with and what you are wanting. With this information I will use my knowledge and experience with the vibrational properties and patterns of intervals, chords and melodies to create a unique sound bath just for you.

Then all you have to do it lay down underneath and let the music in.

Sessions are 90 minutes and include a digital recording of your session to listen to again whenever you please.

Private sessions are currently held at my home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

If you are interested in a session at your home or another venue, get in touch!

What People are Saying:

I so enjoy being in the presence of Kaitlin. She is a delight and inspiration and has become my muse. I have bathed in the frequency and resonance lying down beneath the piano as she played. I experienced a dreamy womb like comfort there. I highly recommend her as a guide to your healing journey using the power of music and sound.
— Edie S., Chapel Hill NC