Piano Dance Jams

She began to play, slowly at first. As dancers stretched on the floor, lay under blankets, and huddled beneath the piano, I found myself standing and spiraling in three dimensional space. Head high, my feet alternately anchored to and released from the floor. I became aware of the windows, the trees beyond. My spine took over. My limbs, my torso, my skull, whirled in space. I was carried away... to the faraway land of ‘right here’ and ‘right now.’ I was a child again. Thank you, Kaitlin. You take us there.
— Aaron B., Asheville NC


I absolutely love Kaitlin’s Piano Dance Jams! Kaitlin provides a beautiful tapestry of sound that opens my ears, brain, and body. I always find new, intensely creative ways of moving and interacting with other dancers in the space.
— Matthew Y. NC