Click the video below to hear from just a few of my happy students

Cultivating my singing voice has been a much deeper endeavor than fine-tuning vocal techniques. It has been the gentle calling forth of my soul - giving voice to what my truest self wants to share with the world. Kaitlin voice lessons have been life-changing. She’s able to “hear” me on all the levels that I’ve yearned to be heard for so long. I can’t speak highly enough of her work as a voice instructor
— Morgan S. Raleigh

Kaitlin has such a loving presence. She’s tremendously skilled in realms of the voice, yes, that’s so clear. But the most magical part perhaps is the way she holds the space for me to cultivate my voice. Everything is okay. At first, my timid voice, my nervousness, my emotions, my little self-judgments and my power were all held in equal love and acceptance. And in the midst of all of this, I sing … with Kaitlin smiling and encouraging me on the whole way. That is a unique and special place to bring a voice to my vulnerability.

Kaitlin is more than a vocal coach. She’s more than a singer. She helps me bring what was once hidden on the inside to shine with resonant power on the outside. With love, giddy excitement, deep presence and playfulness. She shows me that anything that I feel deeply can sound beautiful, too. There’s a way that the singing itself feels like the container to share the beauty of my humanness. First with myself, then with the world.
— Adrial D. Chapel Hill NC

It’s been such a pleasure and relief to not have to sound good. Naturally, I’ve come to sound better after giving myself permission, and getting full permission from her to sound weird, even bad. It’s awesome! Seriously, Kaitlin asked my 8 year old to sing and just enjoy one day. I went for it and afterward I felt so much more flow and ease in my whole body. She is super creative in working with different parts of my voice. She will have me embody different characters, images and feelings and totally different sounds than I’m familiar with come out. It’s really been fun getting to know the different expressions that are possible. I feel like I’m getting to know myself better by working with her.
— Whitney L. San Francisco

Kaitlin has an amazing presence that is so honestly open and accepting of people just as they are. This is a wonderful place to push boundaries and explore in. Learning about music with Kaitlin is like being with that best childhood friend who was always there with you, exploring and learning about life together. With Kaitlin, learning about music is an experience of being gently encouraged and unwaveringly supported.
— Janet W. Durham NC
Kaitlin has an incredible way of being able to add light and good energy to whatever a person brings. She helps people learn how to share not only their physical voice, but their heart and their soul. Singing with Kaitlin was also an incredible balm. Not only did Kaitlin listen and care for my voice, but she listened to and cared for me as a whole person.
— Moshe G., Boston MA
In my view, an effective teacher must be flexible yet firm, encouraging yet reasoned. I see Kaitlin as quite balanced in this regard. Her warmth, sense of humor, and generosity of spirit have been a great gift to my family. She has a powerful, enlightening impact on her student’s lives.
— Mark M., Durham NC
Kaitlin has simply an amazing ability to provide a safe and creative space to explore any budding voice or piano talent, and to teach simple and eye opening skills that made a real and immediate difference in my playing and singing. She is such a kind and supportive presence for those of us who feel more than just a little vulnerable as we learn to play or sing. It was just a blast of fun how creative and playful Kaitlin is as she teaches.
— Rob D, Durham NC


Now I want to share some words of thanks!

There are so many people to thank, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Thank you:

To my Mom for being there every single step of the way. 

To the rest of my beautiful family: Dad, Carol, Sarah, Scott, Kell and Virginia.

To all of my amazing students who inspire and humble me every day. 

To Josh Setzer for all of his help with this website.

To Anna Maynard and Mary Catherine Penn for their incredible photography.

To my incredible friends and community for all of their love and support. I seriously couldn't do this work without you all!

To anyone who ever took a chance on me. 

To all of my many teachers in all of their many forms. 

To all of my unseen Helpers, Guides, and Ancestors. It's all for you.