⁣In birth doula world, sometimes active labor just needs a little jumpstart. Depending on the mama, we suggest things like drinking castor oil, nipple stimulation and having an awesome orgasm when it’s time to get things moving. ⁣

In voice doula world, I have all kinds of fun practices I’ve developed over the years to jumpstart the creative birth of your truest, realest voice (and yes, having an awesome orgasm is totally be one of them!)

In this program we go deep, we get real, and you get an invaluable, solid foundation to build the rest of your year on.⁣

Over the course of 3 days you receive:
*3 super-charged private sessions
*custom assignments designed to highlight your strengths
*practical, potent exercises to carry with you

This is definitely for you if:
*you are a visionary working toward a culture of interconnectedness 
*you value the role of art and music in creating that culture
*you desire to deepen, strengthen and embody your activism
*you are ready to invest in yourself, your mission, and your relationship with your voice 

This is definitely not for you if:
*you’re content with the status quo
*you’re not willing to invest in yourself/ your health
*you’re really into the patriarchy
*you believe art and music are optional in the new paradigm