Ever tried to convince someone you’re ok, only to have them not believe you because they “hear it in your Voice”?


Our Voices are a dead give away.

When we get nervous, they waver.

When we feel emotional, they crack.

When we feel excited, they resound. 

In other words:

our Voices carry our souls. 

And as such an essential part of one's life, they must be tended to with tremendous love, care and attention.

In my work as a Voice teacher I take the time to get to know you and your relationship with your Voice.  My priority is not to “make you sound good”, but to support you in your process of discovering and accepting your own unique sound. One of my most important roles is to hold space for and encourage you on your path to deepening your sense of self with your Voice. 

You are your own singing bowl.

You can heal yourself through your own vibrations by giving yourself the gift of sound.

I know how to help.

I know what it’s like to feel paralyzed with self-doubt and criticism.

I've been through it and continue work with it. 

However, if I have learned anything, the way forward is expression.

One of the most influential parts of my training as a Voice teacher was my time as a birth doula.  A doula is a woman who is there as a support for another woman during childbirth. I learned so much from the births I attended about holding space for another who is going through an intense passage. I have found so many parallels when it comes to Voice and  birthing your own sound, regardless of gender or age. Expressing your inner journey through sound is in effect birthing your true, authentic self.

Through my work as a Vocalist and a Voice doula I have witnessed incredible transformation in myself and others time and time again. From a greater sense of spaciousness, ease, and joy that permeates all aspects of life to a deepened relationship with ones inner guidance and wisdom, the benefits of cultivating your Voice are endlessVocalizing, sounding and singing can open pathways one may not have known even existed.

Want to hear more?

I was recently a guest on the Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast and talk alllll about this. Click the pic below to listen