House Concerts

let’s get cozy.

House concerts are some of my absolute favorite ways to share music with community.

You and I meet to talk about what you’re wanting, your intentions for bringing music to your home.

Once we’re clear I make a custom set-list to create an unforgettable night for you and your loved ones.

Clearly a born performer, Kaitlin effortlessly delivers a multi-dimensional, soulful, heart-opening, moving, engaging, raw, and even hilarious performance. By sharing herself fully in such an intimate setting, you get to know her personal story through story and song and share in the bittersweetness of our common humanity.
— Heather C.
I’ve hosted house concerts and been to my fair share of them. They are forms of entertainment that typically allow guests to check out for a couple of hours and be serenaded. Not so with Kaitlin June. Yes, there is beautiful original music, piano and voice, composed and executed with passion and precision. But there are also the stories. Deeply personal stories with gut raw details of the rapture and rupture of romance and the lessons learned from each. Her voice in song and story, both powerful and moving. Kaitlin bares her soul, so that we might, for a a little while, look into our own.
— Tim T. NC

a little taste for ya: