Hi, I'm Kaitlin.

I am a Voice Doula, performing artist and musician.

I help people build confidence and focused purpose through intuitive voice work.

I empower audiences to dig deep into hard topics through social justice theater.

What else? I've distilled it for you below:

Current Projects:

 Social Justice Theater

Bootstraps: An American Fable

What audiences are saying:

“Overall a provocative and engaging blend of humor, distilled physical storytelling and deep, painful questioning.”
— RS, MA
“White fragility is about blindness and refusing to release that comfort. This performance allows us to identify and recognize our complicity. Thank you- it’s time to call systemic racism OUT!”
— Vermont audience member
“My heart is very open. I don’t want to admit that I am one of those people on the stage, taking baby steps, and looking up at a towering ceiling. But under my skin, vulnerable and sincere, I saw myself.”
— Massachusetts audience member

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