I offer fun and engaging vocal workshops and classes for all kinds of events. Keep reading for workshop descriptions.

“This experience with Kaitlin was very personal and brought life to the learning practice. It made possible what we aim for everyday as teachers; for someone to be completely themselves when learning something new. The students will remember this workshop for a long time, in class and in their every day life.”
— LM, Duke University


Stretch Your Voice, Sister!

Explore your voice and build confidence through playful exercises, chakra sounding, and singing. Attune to your own vibrations and inner-wisdom while connecting with fellow women. The workshop will include guided meditation, intuitive movement, group sounding and harmony. Sing in sisterhood in a way that is supportive, fun, and playful. It’s not about "sounding good"—it’s about being in your body, empowerment, overcoming fears, and expanding your capacity.

Recent workshops:

Women's Hoop, Dance and Embodiment Retreat, NC

RAH! Women's Empowerment Weekend, MA

Sounding the Body Electric: Unveiling Vocal Pleasure

Our voices are not just in our throats: they cover our entire bodies. In this playshop participants are guided through a juicy journey of discovering and embodying their unique sounds with themselves and with partners. Through exercises such as chakra sounding, partner toning and role playing participants are supported in tapping into primal energies and giving voice to parts of themselves they may not have even known are there.

Recent Workshops:

Touch and Play Festival, MA


Taking Off the Veil

Taking Off the Veil is a workshop for seasoned performers who are looking to take that next step with audience connection and create a lasting impact with their work.

This is about vulnerability as a performer and bringing a lot more of yourself to your creative process, especially the parts you may not want other people to see. Through tapping into the depth, choosing to work with it and letting it be seen, the quality and memorability of your work will greatly amplify.

We look at what audiences remember. We look at what YOU remember from performances you have seen. We look at moments that stand out and what they have in common.

Together we explore:

*What kind of experience do you want your audience to have?

*What are some of the descriptors?

*What, to you, would mark a successful show?

 Photo by Tim Walter

Photo by Tim Walter

Creating the Container: Bringing Back the Sacred into Performance

Creating the Container is a 2 hour workshop that teaches performers of all modalities how to create and nurture a sacred space for their rehearsals, planning sessions, and performances.

No matter where you put yourself on the woo-woo spectrum, this is great for performers who are curious about developing and nurturing relationships with the different energies available to them and bringing a sacred element into their work. Participants will deepen their relationship to whatever piece they are working on, to themselves, and have a greater understanding of how audiences may receive them based on the energies in the room.

We will cover:

*How to prepare the space and call in support

*Prayers/affirmations  you can use for different parts of your process

*Ways to energetically clear your performance space that set the stage for your audience and what you are wanting to come through

*How ritual can be used for classes you teach

*Creating a container for every part of your process so that whatever muses/forces that want to work with you are able to find you.

 Photo by Daniel Calvert

Photo by Daniel Calvert