The visionary.

The spiritual activist who knows that music, embodiment and joy are absolutely vital in the culture we are creating.

A culture where slowness and intuition and are prioritized.

A culture where we listen to ourselves and one another deeply and with the upmost compassion.

A culture that reveres The Mystery.

These 12 songs reflect my deepest prayers for that culture and that world. Every single one came through in moments of connection to something far, far greater than me.

These 12 songs are the songs I want to sing with that choir of changemakers, visionaries and activists together in harmony.

A choir of magically queer radical justice-hearted liberated badasses who will shake shit up with me because the world needs us to. I created this album with you all in mind so you can have these songs to ground you, inspire you, and remind you that we are in this awesome shit together.

AND to learn them for when we meet in person and blast some hearts open in real-time.

Listen to it, download it, stream it, whatever - most of all, listen to the words and let them sink in. Then share it so the vibe spreads.